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Why Your Business Needs Influencer Marketing

Is influencer marketing part of your business marketing & promotion strategy? ​

If not, you better go back to the drawing board!

Well, take a look at these facts:

  • 40% of consumers are Gen Z- A demographic aged 16-26 who are also the largest generation “plugged” online, spending an average of 3 hours on social media per day, creating content, and seeking inspiration.
  • The pandemic also forced the more mature audience to adapt, and now they are increasingly adopting this consumer behavior.
  • 50% of the online population have installed ad blocks. The implication? Ads are losing value.
  • 53% of impressions on digital advertising fail to inspire consumers to click and take action.

What do these facts tell you?

Consumers talk with each other about brands, and brands no longer talk to consumers.

Relatable content influences consumer behavior better than anything else.

Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. We help brands scale their influencer marketing campaigns intelligently and quickly, yielding high potential returns. (Influencer Marketing Hub 2019)

Our Services

Assess your business position and current marketing strategies

Identify the most relevant influencers for your business

Pair the right influencers with your brand/business

Create native content in collaboration with the influencers in line with your brand/marketing objectives

Work with the influencers to leverage your marketing content to build your brand reputation, trust, and credibility​

Track the results and make necessary modifications when needed to ensure the best results


Fraud is rampant.

It’s an open secret that consumers are becoming increasingly wary of paid ads, with a good number resorting to ad blockers to block ads even as they consume digital content.

Yes, like the SEO and PPC gold rush of the early 2000S, influencer marketing can skyrocket your revenue, giving you a way to compete with some of the most established global brands. We all agree that a good influencer needs to produce tangible results.

But one of the biggest challenges for any brand or business looking to do influencer marketing is finding the right influencer that fits their marketing goal. Many brands or businesses put the cart before the horse by forming relationships with purported influencers based entirely on gut and intuition.

Numbers Alone Are Quite Deceiving!

The risks of fake accounts are real. Reports indicate that about 15% of Twitter profiles are fraudulent or “robotic” accounts designed to appear like real people. Celebrities and “fake influencers purchase followers. The level of risks that comes with choosing social media influencers is enormous as many of the purported influencers use algorithm hacks, and “black hat” manipulation to acquire followers. This is why 75% of marketers say that one of the top challenges they experience with influencer marketing to tracking the ROI.

Using numbers to evaluate potential influencer partnerships will burn your resources with no tangible ROI. Yet many marketers use this quick and easy path, investing tens of thousands of dollars, which does not lead to any tangible result.

How We Do It

Assess your marketing objectives:

Are you looking to increase revenue? Create awareness? Organically grow your social media following? Your marketing goal will define the kind of influencer we match you with and the messaging strategies that work for your brand.

Weed out all the fake influencers with the help of both SaaS software and skillful analytical judgments based on our experience.

Use Data to Make Decisions: To achieve great results we make data-driven decisions to set the right marketing strategy for your business.

What does SocialLight Do?

We recognize that every marketing campaign must be based on measurable objectives to determine the amount of the brand’s marketing success. As a result, we weed out the “black hat” influencers and get the right influencers with purely organic followers or fans to increase your engagement with customers.


We assess the quality of an influencer’s reach before we pick on the most authentic ones.

Some SaaS platforms have alleged that they can automate the process. However, our years of experience have shown that complete vetting is both an art and a science, hence it requires leveraging data analytics with some human touch.

We do performance-based Influencer Marketing that helps you accelerate growth and boost profitability. We pair the most relevant influencer to your business model to deliver the right message to their already existing audience.

SocialLight is a result-oriented full-service influencer marketing agency that works with the latest strategies to deliver top-notch marketing messages to your brand and business. We strategically match your message with your desired audience on all social media channels with the most targeted social media influencers.

We’re fully aware that consumers require multiple touch-points with a brand to convert.

When you combine our targeted influencers with your performance marketing, you get the most powerful marketing outcome.

We pair you with the most relevant influencers to your brand message and marketing goal. These influencers already create native contents that resonate with your consumer base. This approach enhances your marketing performance and improves overall conversion.

Failure to move with the times will likely crush your success. Embrace new marketing strategies to make substantial market gains.

Get the most authentic content from relevant influencers to create higher engagement and conversion rates.

We work with influencers from

all the major social media platforms:

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